International Association of YUM Franchisees (IAYF)

The International Association of YUM Franchisees (IAYF) is a franchisee group that support members’ interests in participating and investing in healthy, strong and growing Brands, and serve as a voice and point of reference for the world-wide community of Franchisees and potential Franchisees of YUM! Brands.

MISSION: The mission of the IAYF is to unite YUM Brand Franchisees worldwide and promote and protect their interests while pursuing a mutually supportive relationship with YUM! Brands.


  • Forge a constructive and positive working relationship with YUM! Brands.
  • Communicate as one voice with YUM! Brands.
  • Articulate and advocate the needs, interests and goals of the IAYF members.
  • Develop an effective line of two-way communication with the IAYF Franchisees.
  • Promote and facilitate effective communication among members.
  • Contribute to strengthening YUM Brands worldwide.
  • Represent the members´ interests in different areas.
  • Defend and protect franchisees contractual rights.
  • Mentor regional YUM! Brands’ Franchise Associations.
  • Provide vital support and assistance to the franchisee community at large.
  • Share best practices.


  • IAYF strategic relationship with YUM! Brands and other franchisee associations is fundamental for our success (YUM! Brands is our most important partner).
  • IAYF relationship with YUM! Brands should be fair, open and honest.
  • IAYF will encourage open communication between IAYF and YUM! Brands.
  • IAYF will encourage all of its members to obey all applicable laws and regulations and respect the lawful customs of the countries they operate in.
  • IAYF will encourage respect to its member’s social, cultural, economic and political differences.
  • IAYF will work with YUM! Brands to strengthen its brands and promote the YUM! Brands business model.

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